Biosphere Earth Crisis

Are planet Earth being a closed Biosphere (think terrarium) is on a precipitous downhill dive, collapsing as a balanced ecosystem, from a multitude of interrelated tangled web of issues. I speak from facts as a scientist. This prophecy was common sense to me as a teen five decades ago and has been my life’s passion and work. The homo-sapien species started committing slow suicide since the industrial revolution with it's petro-chemical industry. The rate of destruction of our home has precipitously accelerated in the last few decades. All five major extinctions on earth be it volcanos, meteors etc have been due to severe changes to the atmosphere. We are now in the midst of the Anthracene (human induced) extinction era.

I will list the issues then the solutions as all is not lost if we take action immediately. The issues include but are not limited to:

CO2 / CH4 and O2

  1. Increasing CO2 and CH4 (methane which has 84 times the Green House Gas heating potency as CO2) levels. This issue needs to be halted immediately. The main reasons are:
  2. A) fossil fuel burning.  ie coal, gas, and diesel release CO2 as does burning forests and most recently the arctic tundra (a large store of methane) and Rain Forests C) Cattle farming whos manure release large amounts of methane.
  3. All the burning of plants/trees depletes our mammalian dependent oxygen (O2) requirement as the plants take in CO2 and give off O2. The natural historic CO2/O2 balance has been lost and rapidly worsening since 1900 industrial revolution (think oil) thus our Biosphere is rapidly increasing in CO2. 
  4. CO2 heats the planets air and water and thus has made the natural and made fires more frequent and less controllable. Thus we see in this one example the vicious feed back cycle.
  5. 8-29-19 Update To add insult to injury the EPA in an oxymoron move under Trumps orders just deregulated methane gas emissions to save $s for the petrochemical industry.
  6. What to do. Walk, Ride and take public transportation. This obviously poses a major issue for most folks living in a "broken system" How do we fix folks that have a 4 hour comute to LA Calif? Electric cars are just getting started. Where does the electricity come from? Usually from a coal fired power plant. That is a broken system. Elon Musk has new massive batteries for cities and solar panels can work there. Electricity is stored and fed back into the grid. Folks can replace their lawns with wild flowers that promote the birds and the bees and DC their lawn mowers, a big help. We need an administration that gets back into the Paris agreement and the Special Comitte on Climate Crisis is working on solutions to get us Carbon neutral by 2030, a must as this is a critical year turning point.


EQDRSR = EquineQuine represent the gentle innocent ones;

Disaster Relief (of the homo sapiens species induced unprecented Biospheres Crisis);

Searching for answers to Rescuing of our planet